Our Staff Members

The staff at Waves are more than just people who work there, everyone is part of the Waves family.

Making sure everyone has the right skill set is also crucial to the success of Waves and the people we help therefore constant training is available, minimum requirements are set and regular assessments of staff is undertaken.

Managing Director, Ben Wright is in charge of ensuring all staff are trained to the highest CQC standards.

Centre Manager, Christine Fensom is responsible for the day to day running of the centre and she is complimented by Centre staff who have skills in the following areas:

  • Working with a wide range of adults and young people 16+ with physical and/or learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Using a total communication package
  • Planning a curriculum that is person centred
  • Promoting independence

Staff Members:

  • Debbie Arnott
    Debbie Arnott
    Drum and Dance Specialist
  • Kirstean Bell
    Kirstean Bell
    Day Centre Staff
  • Lily Calderon
    Lily Calderon
    Day Centre Staff
  • Karen Campbell
    Karen Campbell
  • Nicola Chappell
    Nicola Chappell
    Day Centre Staff
  • Kristie Connolly
    Kristie Connolly
    Haven Centre Manager
  • Theresa Dean
    Theresa Dean
    Day Centre Staff
  • Luke Dyson
    Luke Dyson
    Community Support Staff
  • Libby Dyson
    Libby Dyson
    Community Support Staff
  • Rachel Essen
    Rachel Essen
    Head of Education
  • Christine Fensom
    Christine Fensom
    Day Centre Staff
  • Malcolm Foster
    Malcolm Foster
    Day Centre Staff
  • Freda Gee
    Freda Gee
    Sports and Games Specialist
  • Kayleigh Haigh
    Kayleigh Haigh
    Work Placement Officer
  • Lisa Haworth
    Lisa Haworth
    Spa Manager
  • Roger Hazzard
    Roger Hazzard
    Director, Finance/Procurement
  • Sallyanne  Hazzard
    Sallyanne Hazzard
    Managing Director
  • Ellie Heap
    Ellie Heap
    Heaven Centre Staff
  • Megan Hopson
    Megan Hopson
    Day Centre Staff
  • Trevor  Hughes
    Trevor Hughes
    Day Centre Staff
  • Levi James
    Levi James
    Day Centre Staff
  • Patricia Jennings
    Patricia Jennings
    Community Support Staff
  • Neville Johnson
    Neville Johnson
    Heaven Centre Staff
  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones
    Day Centre Staff
  • Lakhvinder Kaur
    Lakhvinder Kaur
    Day Centre Staff
  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence
    Day Centre Assistant Manager
  • Holly Locke
    Holly Locke
    Community Support Assistant Manager
  • Abbie Lyons
    Abbie Lyons
    Day Centre Staff
  • Kevan Mallinson
    Kevan Mallinson
    Heaven Centre Staff
  • Nick Mallon
    Nick Mallon
    Community Support Staff
  • Ashleigh Martin
    Ashleigh Martin
    Community Support Staff
  • Gary McAlister
    Gary McAlister
    Heaven Centre Staff
  • Linda McFadden
    Linda McFadden
    Community Support Staff
  • Lin McFadden
    Lin McFadden
    Community Support Staff
  • Paul McGreggor
    Paul McGreggor
    Heaven Centre Staff
  • Paige McGurty
    Paige McGurty
    Health and Safety Officer & Head of Administration
  • Susan Meakin
    Susan Meakin
    Day Centre Staff
  • Lisa Milnes
    Lisa Milnes
    Day Centre Staff
  • Chloe Monkman
    Chloe Monkman
    PA to Directors & Staff Training and Development
  • Shaun Murphy
    Shaun Murphy
    Day Centre Staff
  • Caitlin O'Neil
    Caitlin O'Neil
    Community Support Staff
  • Matthew Phillips
    Matthew Phillips
    Day Centre Staff
  • Saraya Pryce
    Saraya Pryce
    Day Centre Staff
  • Julie Reaney
    Julie Reaney
    Chef/Day Centre Staff
  • Liz Robinson
    Liz Robinson
    Day Centre Staff
  • Michelle Short
    Michelle Short
    Community Support Staff
  • Denese Simpson
    Denese Simpson
    Day Centre Staff
  • Paul Simpson
    Paul Simpson
    Day Centre Staff
  • Linton Simpson
    Linton Simpson
    Day Centre Staff
  • Santokh Singh
    Santokh Singh
    Day Centre Staff
  • Sarbjit Singh
    Sarbjit Singh
    Chef/Day Centre Staff
  • Angela Skelton
    Angela Skelton
    Manager of Health and Wellbeing
  • Jason  Spencer
    Jason Spencer
    Transport Manager & PPE Procurement
  • Jo Stanislaus
    Jo Stanislaus
    Community Support Staff
  • Karen State
    Karen State
    Education & Behaviour Specialist
  • Will Styan
    Will Styan
    Day Centre Staff
  • Gemma Taylor
    Gemma Taylor
    Day Centre Manager
  • Jackie West
    Jackie West
    Day Centre Staff
  • Ben Wright
    Ben Wright
    Director & Manager of Community Support

"Waves has been a life saver for Lewis, the fact that they are proactive in finding work placements for the individual is fantastic."

Andrew says:
"If it wasn’t for Waves I would be stuck at home. I love it!"

Tom Hall says:
"They take us to some nice places, I enjoy coming to Waves!"

"Waves is fantastic! Ryan had fish for the first time at Waves, so we can go to the chippy now for fish and chips."

Ashton says:
"I like having my nails done with my tokens"

Liam says:
"Coming to Waves has made me less lazy and I’m encouraged to try new things."

James says:
"I like to help clean the animals and I like going out."

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