No6 Respite Service

No6 is a canal side cottage offering respite to members of Waves Day Centre. They can spend their direct payments respite allowance to receive a bespoke experience.

1:1 ratio gives each guest an opportunity to plan their activities and menus throughout their stay. Examples of outings are Theatre, Cinema, horse riding, pamper day, shows and local events. Guests choose a mix of eating out in the many local restaurants and purchasing fresh produce from Bolster Moor Farm shop, Green Valley Grocer and online supermarket Waitrose to create their own menu.

Opportunities to learn independent living skills such as planning, budgeting and cooking, paying bills and general housekeeping can be built into an action plan. Other guests prefer just to chill and have a relaxing break.

"Waves has been a life saver for Lewis, the fact that they are proactive in finding work placements for the individual is fantastic."

Andrew says:
"If it wasn’t for Waves I would be stuck at home. I love it!"

Tom Hall says:
"They take us to some nice places, I enjoy coming to Waves!"

"Waves is fantastic! Ryan had fish for the first time at Waves, so we can go to the chippy now for fish and chips."

Ashton says:
"I like having my nails done with my tokens"

Liam says:
"Coming to Waves has made me less lazy and I’m encouraged to try new things."

James says:
"I like to help clean the animals and I like going out."

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