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It is such a relief to have found a setting where Will is meaningfully engaged and I don’t think we’ll ever take that for granted.

We would never have believed that Will would gain the confidence to take part in waves got talent and that is due to your nurturing ethos, I’m sure.
I am so relieved to have found somewhere for Cameron that I can absolutely trust to do their best. He loves Waves and is so excited every morning when the bus arrives – his face says it all!

The staff are exceptional and so approachable, and the opportunities are meaningful. What more could a parent ask for…
Waves is a fantastic place where all are treated as individuals. Our son is happy because he feels safe and has confidence in the staff who look after him. He loves the relationships he has built up with both members and staff.
All the staff at Waves are fantastic caring people who do a wonderful job. They care for, encourage and equip our young people with life skills, social skills and great self-esteem, and most of all in a fun and professional way.
It’s great that the members have some follow on that continues to support and bring out their qualities.
Ben Member
Q: Why do you come to Waves? A: Because I meet new friends, the staff are nice and friendly, good new activities I try and the food is nice!
Wow! What a difference 12 months makes. The care and support you have given to Ben has been priceless. The opportunities that he has been presented with have stretched him and helped him more than words can say.
Waves is a welcoming, vibrant environment! An excellent place for Paige to meet friends and develop her skills.

Can’t fault the place! Paige loves it and looks forward to coming each week.
Waves is fantastic! Ryan has been attending waves for one day a week for over a year. He has loved coming since day one.

Ryan has had fish at waves for the first time, so we can now go to the chippy for fish ‘n’ chips – yippee!!!
Since my son has come to waves he has enjoyed every day that he has been. He enjoys all the different activities that he does. He is also more confident within himself.
I believe waves is a fantastically run centre with lovely helpful staff.

Casey thoroughly enjoys his time here and learns new skills all the time.
In the short time Lauren has been here we have found that waves have met all her needs. She is very happy and settled.
Luke loves coming to waves. Fantastic provision.
Lewis Member
I think waves is not too bad, cause I see about animals or films or anything.
Waves has been a life saver for Lewis and our family. He loves going to waves, and the fact that they are proactive in finding activities work placements etc. that are for the individual is fantastic.
Liz Butler
Hi Sallyanne, lovely to hear from you! I’ve just shown Ben your message and he smiled and said yes :-)
I’m absolutely over the moon at how much he’s loving coming to Waves, Martin says he doesn’t stop talking in the car all the way home - not like our Ben at all!!! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to log in and see the comments on what he’s been up to.

Ben told me that he ‘ONLY goes to Waves 2 days a week’....... I’ve not heard him say ‘only’ before, it looks like it’s not just me who wishes we lived closer so he could come all week! Please say a big thank you to all the staff for making Ben so welcome, it’s wonderful seeing him so happy and relaxed x
Richard McGill Person Centred Planning Co-ordinator (Transition)

Kirklees Council
It was very nice looking round your base. It looked like a real labour of love. I was particularly impressed by the interior design. It was so high spec! And the place looked friendly and welcoming and it just, simply, felt a good place to spend time.

I will certainly be advising people to visit. I think you'll have no problem at all filling your books.

I think you have most of the bases covered in your existing service or plans for the service so I can't think of anything new off the top of my head that I would suggest.

Travel training is something I, personally, think is very important for people to have independent lives and a broader experience.
Cllr David Ridgway Kirklees Council
I'm really, really impressed with the facilities that are available, It is taking care in the community into a completely new level, where the whole idea is to give the adults skills so they can live and integrate with the local community.
Thomas Holten Member
It's amazing, I love it here
Until you enter WAVES you have no idea of how good an environment this is for everyone.

I am convinced that this is how old people should live who are put in residential homes. There is hope, energy, laughter and fun, all in a structured and safe caring way together with continuous learning.

Sally Anne is to be commended for her and her colleagues ability to ensure that WAVES is part of the community and we would miss everyone if they were to leave us.
I am in awe and tell everyone about WAVES when I meet them as I am so impressed.
Jason McCartney MP Member of Parliament for Colne Valley
I just wanted to say again a big thank you for inviting me to your wonderful waves day care centre.
I was blown away by the funky, friendly and fab environment you have lovingly created for the adults and young people of our area.
I am a massive fan, Keep in touch.

May Houghton Personal Advisor at Connexions
It was so lovely to see you all at waves and what a wonderful place. It really lifted my spirits and filled me with joy. You and your family have worked so hard to achieve this is such a short space of time, it proves to me that people are capable of being so much more creative when they are working for themselves, you are so clearly passionate about this, it's grate.

"Waves has been a life saver for Lewis, the fact that they are proactive in finding work placements for the individual is fantastic."

Andrew says:
"If it wasn’t for Waves I would be stuck at home. I love it!"

Tom Hall says:
"They take us to some nice places, I enjoy coming to Waves!"

"Waves is fantastic! Ryan had fish for the first time at Waves, so we can go to the chippy now for fish and chips."

Ashton says:
"I like having my nails done with my tokens"

Liam says:
"Coming to Waves has made me less lazy and I’m encouraged to try new things."

James says:
"I like to help clean the animals and I like going out."

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